About Keturah King

Keturah King is first and foremost and avant-garde journalist with a solid track record. She had her first stint with journalism whilst working at Arise News Network as a showbiz and fashion correspondent before moving on to become the host of CNN African Voices and consequently the face of CNN Africa.

She has interviewed Hollywood Stars such as Kevin Hart, David Oyelowo, international celebrities such as Naomi Campbell, Aml Ameen, Akon and notable statesmen President Mohammadu Buhari of Nigeria, former President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa and former President Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria as well as numerous influential entrepreneurs across Africa.

Keturah recently hosted the Gala Dinner heralding Canon Central & North Africa’s pivotal launch in Nigeria.

Keturah was born in London, England and raised there up until the age of 12 – after which,, she moved to and lived in various countries around the world as her parents both worked with the United Nations. She is Nigerian with ties to Martinique and Cuba.

She speaks Yoruba, French and Japanese

and can get by with Kiswahili.

Keturah KING

Keturah KING

She finished high school at the International School of Kenya in Peponi, Nairobi and has only fond memories.

You could wake up one morning among the elephants, and by that evening be parasailing on the waters of the Indian Ocean. I remember waking up one day at my best friend’s house in Limuru (which is the famous tea region of Kenya) overlooking tea fields as far as the eye could see and ruminating to myself how blessed we are to have such beauty at our fingertips. I think God took His time creating Nigerians, as we are such an incredible group of people, but if you want to view the intricacies of His brushstrokes, you need look no further than Kenya.

Keturah is an accomplished interviewer and a global citizen traveling throughout Africa and reporting on stories for CNN’s African Voices. Keturah King brings a new and upbeat perspective to the weekly CNN International program.

However, its not all work and no play for Miss King, as her other interests include film and theatre. She regularly loves to eat out at some of the top restaurants around the world. She has acquired a discerning palate and a great knowledge of food but thankfully, not the accompanying waistline.

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